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Mangau: police are neutral 

21 June 2020
Mostyn Mangau.

ACTING Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau says police will remain neutral as an enforcement agency in the country.

He made this sentiment when asked to comment on a statement made by Member of Parliament for Small Malaita Rick Hou recently in the media.

In his letter to the editor titled “Manele Warns Suidani” Hou called for actions that make Solomon Islands look like a police state to be stopped.

“That is a political statement and I will not comment on that statement,” Mangau said.

“…..but as I have said police will remain neutral as an enforcement agency,” he added.

He said police is one of the executive arms of the government and are impartial in the way they do their work.

Mangau said we might have stories on how police are doing their work but all matters are referred to police are subjected to investigation.

“….. and the decision to investigate a case is under the prerogative of the police to determine,” Mangau explained.