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22 June 2020
Vella La Vella island. [Photo: Google Maps]

High school girl gives birth, then suffocates baby

In Gizo


A SIXTEEN-year-old high school student from Vella La Vella, Western Province is under investigation for allegedly suffocating her newborn baby minutes after giving birth inside a school’s ablution block last week.

The brutal act which occurred at a boarding high school has shocked everyone at the school and the nearby community, report reaching the paper said. 

It was claimed the student gave birth to a healthy-looking girl all by herself when the school’s study night period was progressing.

It was reported by village members that the girl had concealed her pregnancy for months while continues to attend classes.

Although she had signs of pregnancy, she denied being pregnant when asked by her female school mates or the school administration.

“The school administration had approached the young lady and questioned her about her condition, yet she continues to deny the allegations,” the report said.

It was mid last week during the night study period when she began to feel the pain (labour) and decided to return to her dormitory. Without further she eventually gave birth inside the ablution block, all by herself, the villagers claimed.

It was alleged the young mother in panic and fearing that she would be caught by the sound of the crying baby, grabbed a handful of soil and filled the baby’s mouth to keep her quiet.

“As a result, this had suffocated the baby and could not cry anymore,” the villagers further claimed.

Her dormitory mates seeing the girl returned to her bed bleeding heavily inquired what had happened but she insisted that she was simply menstruating.

Due to more blood being discharged, a female staff was sought where she (girl) was asked to visit the nearby clinic for an immediate check-up.

The report said the girl declined the suggestion for medical check-up and attempted to run away.

However, she was caught and was immediately transported on a school boat to a nearby clinic.

After arriving at the clinic with only a backpack (school bag), the girl was examined by a nurse who was alarmed by her finding, it was reported.

So the girl had to be ushered into the maternity room after the nurse noticed she been through labor.

The nurse then asked the whereabouts of the baby, to which the girl said, the baby was left at a water stand at school.

The staff then prepared themselves to return and look for the baby. At the instance the girl made another attempt to run away, the report said.

She was then caught again and was further interrogated at the clinic.

It was at that point that the teenage mother pointed to her school bag and admitted to having had the baby concealed in her bag the whole time, the report claimed.

Acting quickly the clinic nurse opened the bag only to find the lifeless child inside, the report claimed.

The newborn child weighed about 2.5 kilograms at the time of her death.

The young mother was rushed to the Gizo hospital for further medical attention.

Gizo Police had consulted the girl’s parents who agreed that the matter be investigated.

Attempts to get comments from both the Gizo hospital and police were unsuccessful over the weekend due to the media process imposed by both authorities.