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Stimulus package dateline likely to extend

22 June 2020
Chief of Staff at the Prime Minister’s Office, Robson Djokovic.

THE deadline to submit an application for the Economic Stimulus Package (ESP) will be on the 26th of June 2020 but it is likely to be extended.

Chief of Staff at the Prime Minister’s Office, Robson Djokovic made the statement when responding to question whether the government would give ample time for rural populous to apply.

Mr. Djokovic said currently the stimulus committee is still conducting awareness throughout the provinces so likely the dateline would be extended.

“Some of the provinces have already completed in terms of awareness whilst others, the CDOs and members of the provincial government officials are yet to work with the stimulus committee in terms of the stimulus package awareness,” he said.

He said the stimulus package is mainly for existing small businesses and not for a start-up as it aims at supporting their ongoing commercial and business activities.

“In rural areas its quite tricky because we have smallholders which are not qualified under the normal business registration, tax records and so that is why the involvement of constituency comes in,” he said.

Djokovic said the only currently existing mechanisms in the rural areas apart from the provincial government and ward committees are the constituency offices and that is why they are involved.

 “Whist there are concerns raised on how it would be rolled out, I just want to assure you that the stimulus package committee with the Cabinet Oversight Committee is ensuring that all of the funds that are going to be rolled out and injected are going to be monitored and held accountable,” he said.