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Suidani: where's the stimulus package?

01 July 2020
Daniel Suidani.

THE Malaita public is pouring in numbers each day into the Provincial Premier's office seeking information on the stimulus package.

Premier Suidani told Solomon Star Auki that most Malaitans think that the national government has channeled a share of the stimulus package through the Provincial Government for Malaitans to access, which is not true.

The premier said it is funny when people from the most populated province in the country are unaware of the much talked about the COVID-19 stimulus package.

"Since the announcement of the package some weeks back, my office has been bombarded with Malaitans who wished to access the stimulus package.

"They even asked my office for forms to fill so as to access the package.

"I told them that the MARA government has not received any share of the stimulus package," he said.

The premier has called on the national government to be transparent in dealing with the stimulus package saying that he did not expect Malaitans to be missed out on the package.

He said the fact that most Malaitans are confused about how to go about and access the stimulus package is a clear indication that information regarding the stimulus package has not properly reached the people. 

He said some Malaitans who are entitled to access the package are left in the dark regarding the package, which is not a good sign to begin with when dealing with the multi-million dollar package. 

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