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West Kwaio MP supports constituents

01 July 2020
Delivery of building materials to recipients at Bina, West Kwaio.

MEMBER of Parliament (MP) for West Kwaio Constituency Titus Fika has handed over two (2) dump trucks, a Lucas mill, and building materials to his constituents at Bina in West Kwaio, Malaita Province over the weekend.

This is part of phase one of the ongoing West Kwaio constituency development program through the West Kwaio Constituency (WKC) office, a statement issued by Government Communication Unit said.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, Mr. Fika said his ambition and aspiration is to meet his priorities set in the Constituency Development Program for West Kwaio Constituency.

“I must make it clear that these dump trucks, Lucas mill, and building materials are meant for all of you my constituents from West Kwaio Constituency and not only for supporters and voters,” said Mr. Fika.

He said as the Member of Parliament, his development plans for West Kwaio constituency are to meet the basic needs of the people such as housing to provide good and safe shelter.

“Phase one of this project is to provide building materials to build houses for the first 500 recipients and the delivery of building materials already rolled out two months ago.

“Providing shelter is one of the three priorities for West Kwaio Constituency and I pledged my support in committing funds to achieve these priorities during my term as your responsible Member of Parliament,” he said.

Mr. Fika made the assurance that the development program is ongoing and continuous assistance will be provided to constituents who haven’t receive building materials during the current phase of funding.

“More building materials will be delivered soon when they are made available by our suppliers,” he said. 

Mr. Fika further said according to his constituency development plan and program next is to build infrastructures especially roads to give access and ease people to move further inland.

“We have spaces inland suitable for development so we need to build roads for people to move from coastal areas to allow for investments and developments,” he said.

He said West Kwaio constituency has lands under Perpetual Estates with established projects such as coconut plantations along with the coastal areas that needed to be re-developed and rehabilitated.

Mr. Fika also confirmed that land was already purchased and secured to develop a constituency development centre at Laulana in the West Kwaio constituency.

“The development centre will provide an avenue for West Kwaio people to be able to involve in small business activities, access to daily goods and market for the whole constituency,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fika has called for support and cooperation in working together for the development and betterment of the constituency.

“It’s time we work together and forget about our differences. Let put aside the differences which might cause disunity, disharmony, and separation amongst us,” he said.

He further called on all constituents to take good care and fair use of the vehicles and the Lucas mill so that everyone will benefit equally.

The two dump trucks will be used for transporting sawn timbers, gravels, and building materials for the housing project.

Mr. Fika also thanked the Solomon Islands Government for continuous support to all constituencies through the MPs and their constituency offices.

Speaking on behalf of the people of West Kwaio, Chief Julian Kwa’i said the support is very much appreciated.

“We thank you very much for your assistance to help us to build good permanent homes for us.

“We always look forward in working with you and the constituency office to develop our constituency,” said Mr. Kwa’i.

Constituents from Wards 28, 27, and 26 within the West Kwaio constituency witnessed the handing over ceremony.