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MUP wants to hold Kira Kira land titles 

02 July 2020
Joe Takeli.

THE new Makira Ulawa Provincial Government says it wants to hold the titles of all Government lands in Kira Kira, the provincial capital.

The Makira Ulawa Province’s Deputy Premier Joe Takeli revealed the intention at a recent meeting he had in Kira Kira with the new executive of the Makira Ulawa Football Association.

He responded to a call made by the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government’s Consultant Stephen Richardson Piringisau that a request should be made to the National Government in Honiara to grant a Devolution Order to the Provincial Government.

Mr. Piringisau said under the Devolution Order, all government land titles in Kira Kira should be transferred to the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government. 

Mr. Takeli said, the Provincial Government led by Premier Mr. Julian Maka’a, will soon sign an instrument that will ask the National Government to grant the Devolution Order under which, all land titles in Kira Kira that are being held by the Commissioner of Lands in Honiara, will be transferred to the Makira Ulawa Provincial Government.

He said Makira Ulawa Province was the first to be given a Devolution Order after the Solomon Islands gained independence from British rule in 1978, but all titles of Government lands in Kira Kira remain in the hands of the Honiara-based Commissioner of Lands ever since.

By George Atkin 
In Kira Kira