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Bougainvilleans end quarantined in Gizo 

03 July 2020
RSIPF stabicrafts used in manning the PNG/Solomon Islands border.

RECENTLY quarantined duo apprehended for crossing the SI/PNG maritime border in Shortland, Western Province have been released and currently in Honiara to serve due process for their negligence of border laws set in place during the State of Public Emergency (SOPE).

Danny Ruel of the National Disaster Management’s Western Office explained about the turn of events that had happened in Gizo over the last few weeks.

“First, we have had two Bougainvilleans that had to be quarantined at Gizo after they were apprehended for illegally crossing the Solomon Islands/Papua New Guinea Border.

“As they have breached the regulations under the State of Emergency for crossing restricted area a directive was issued by the Prime Minister for the two border crossers to be quarantined/detained in Gizo.

“Following a series of discussions the Gizo Hotel Back-Wing was identified and gazetted as a legal Institutional Quarantine Facility (IQF) as all proposed quarantine facilities in the province still were not ready.

“Hence, the two persons had undergone compulsory quarantine processes at the Gizo Hotel (IQF).”

Mr. Ruel continued to explain that they (Bougainvilleans) were admitted on the 10th of June and discharged on the 24th of June 2020 from the Gizo IQF by the P-DOC Camp Management Sector Committee responsible for the management of the IQF. 

After much public concern over the matter, it was a relief to confirm that both COVID-19 test results were found to be negative and was then announced by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services which Ruel exclaimed as good news for the public.

But as in most scenarios, it was admitted that during the course of conducting the operation many challenges were definitely faced.

“Recently encountered were two situations that urgently pushed the Provincial Disaster Committee (PDC) and the Provincial Disaster Operation Committee (P-DOC) and their responsible Sector Committees to urgently act and ensure we responded appropriately to prevent and contain the transmission of the virus into our communities and our province,” he said.

In Gizo