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In Court with Assumpta

08 July 2020
  • Man accused of stabbing wife to know fate next
  • Possible plea on firearm case
  • Update on assault, murder case
  • Lambi arson case for trial in August 

Man accused of stabbing wife to know fate next

THE man accused of stabbing his estranged wife’s leg with a knife in 2018 will finally know his fate on July 24.

This followed the closing submissions done on the matter of Patrick Sufelo on Monday before Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison.

Trial on the matter of Sufelo who faces charges of acts intended to cause grievous harm, domestic violence, and kidnapping was already completed in February.

Following the closing submissions, Hollison adjourned the matter to deliver his judgment.

Sufelo was accused of stabbing his estranged wife’s leg on 9 June 2018 at Burns Creek, East Honiara after he forcefully led her there from her brother’s house.

The prosecution alleged Sufelo and his wife who had three children have been living apart since 2017.

It was alleged that on 8 June 2018, Sufelo allegedly met up with the alleged victim but she escaped to her brother’s house.

On the following day, Sufelo allegedly went to where the alleged victim was residing and demanded she pays compensation.

The alleged victim tried to escape from Sufelo but was then forcefully led to Burns Creek.

Sufelo allegedly assaulted the alleged victim and took a kitchen knife from his bag and struck it towards her neck.

He allegedly kicked the alleged victim’s chest and when she fell over, grabbed her right leg and stabbed it with the same kitchen knife.

The accused then grabbed the alleged victim’s mobile phone and escaped.

The alleged victim was transported to the National Referral Hospital where she received 28 stitches for her injury.

She was admitted for six weeks.

The matter was reported to the police after she was discharged from the hospital.

Ben Alasia of Public Solicitor’s Office represents Sufelo while Public Prosecutor John Wesley Zoze is prosecuting. 


Possible plea on firearm case

THE man accused of possessing a firearm in his vehicle at Guzo Point, Bahai area in east Honiara last month is likely to enter his plea to the allegation on July 20.

Alfred Maefalea is charged with one count of possession of firearm and ammunition without license.

He appeared in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court on Monday and his matter further adjourned to allow police gun experts to test the gun whether it is workable or not.

A report of that will then be made and given to the prosecution.

The lawyer representing Maefalea will also obtain instruction for plea during the course of the adjournment.

Daniel Kwalai of Public Solicitor’s Office represents Maefalea.

Maefalea was granted bail on a cash bail of $1,000 attached with strict bail conditions on Monday as well.

He was arrested after police found a firearm in the back boot of his car in the early hours on June 6.

Police were on a routine patrol when they sighted the accused’s car parked on the footpath beside the road at Guzo point.

The car seems suspicious so the police officers stopped over and checked on the car.

The police officers discovered the driver’s door was opened and the accused who was believed to be drunk was as asleep on the driver’s seat.

They also discovered a modified .22 firearm wrapped in a bag in the boot of the accused’s vehicle.

The accused was then arrested and escorted to the Central Police Station.

The firearm was confiscated by police and is kept as an exhibit at the police armory.

Public Prosecutor Samuel Tovosia appears for the Crown.


Update on assault, murder case

PROSECUTION will be updating the court on the progress of police investigation into the case of a man facing assault and murder charges on July 20.

Augustine George Vele is facing two counts of common assault and one count of murder.

He appeared in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court on Monday and his matter further adjourned.

Public Prosecutor Steward Tonowane who appeared without Vele’s file said they are yet to receive the file from the National Criminal Investigations Department (NCID).

Public Solicitor’s lawyer Daniel Kwalai who was in court when the matter was mentioned said he has no instructions on this matter.

He added that this is a new matter.

When asked by the magistrate if he has a lawyer Vele said he sent his request last week but no lawyer had seen him yet.

Principal Magistrate Felix Hollison told Kwalai to take note of what the accused told the court and then adjourned the matter.

He also ordered the prosecution to update the court on the next court date as to the progress of the investigations done by NCID.

Vele was charged in relation to three separate allegations this year at different sites in the Central Island Province.

The first alleged incident happened on April 12, at Laelade Settlement in Haleta.

The alleged victim in this matter was already asleep when Vele went to his house.

He woke up the alleged victim and when the alleged victim came out of his lodge Vele allegedly assaulted him.

The alleged victim shouted for help and his parents intervened stopping the assault.

The alleged victim in the second incident was out fishing with his two friends at Vatupota point, when the accused approached him on May 25.

He was checking their fishing net that was thrown into the sea when Vele approached him in a canoe and struck him on his back using a paddle.

As a result, the paddle broke.

The victim’s two friends intervened and stopped Vele from assaulting him any further.

Vele allegedly climbed into his canoe and escaped back to his village.

The following month, on June 1, at about 5 pm at Vuvula settlement, Vele allegedly assaulted his third victim, who died a week later.

The deceased was at the seaside loading his two cartoons of noddle when Vele approached him and kicked him using his boot.

The deceased was bending down when Vele came in front of him and kicked him.

He sustained a cut to his left eyebrow.

He also felt dizzy and fell to the ground.

Having seen the deceased laying on the sand, Vele escaped.

However, after he regained consciousness, the deceased boarded his canoe and paddled straight to Tulagi police station to report the incident.

Police at Tulagi assisted the deceased to Tulagi hospital for medical assistance.

The deceased was discharged and returned to the Tulagi police post where he gave his statement.

A charge of assault causing actual bodily harm was established for further investigation against Vele.

Following the incident, it was said the deceased’s health deteriorated.

On the night of June 6, the deceased felt unwell.

He was experiencing dizziness, headache, and the right side of his body was paralysed.

He was taken again to Tulagi hospital but unfortunately died on June 7.

On June 7 Vele was arrested and charged for two counts of common assault and one count of murder.


Lambi arson case for trial in August

HEARING of evidence into an alleged arson case relating to sorcery claims at Lambi area, Guadalcanal will start on August 24 in the Honiara Magistrate’s Court.

Robert Keki, Timothy Bobongi, Stenert Edward, Augustine Taravania, Bartista John, Fredric Samson Belia, John Kemabule, Peter Rade, and Michael Belande will appear for the final interim mention of their matter on August 4.

Their matter came before the court on Monday for an interim mention and adjourned for final interim mention.

All accused were excused from attending Monday’s interim mention but are required to attend court on the final interim mention.

All accused are facing various charges of arson and assault causing actual bodily harm in relation to an allegation on 13 September 2017 at Walehi village at Lambi area.

The prosecution alleged the nine accused were part of a group of men who allegedly went and burnt four houses.

Two people were allegedly assaulted on that day as well.

It was alleged that the alleged incident was core related to the issue of sorcery case.

The Public Solicitor’s Office is representing the men while the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions appears for the Crown.