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St. Barnabas stage independence day celebration 

08 July 2020
The Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia, the Most Reverend Leonard Dawea, delivering his speech at the St. Barnabas Cathedra.

ANGLICAN Church of Melanesia's St Barnabas Provincial Cathedral Parish on Tuesday celebrated the country’s 42nd independence anniversary.

The event that was held at St Barnabas Cathedral compound in Honiara and was the first of its kind.

The event was held following the postponement of this year’s independence celebrations due to COVID-19.

Each year the country used to stage the event at Lawson Tama.

During the official program guest of honor, Minister for Traditional Governance, Peace, and Ecclesiastical, Samuel Manetoali thanked the St. Barnabas Cathedral’s Council for the invitation to attend the celebration. 

Minister Manetoali said this year’s independence anniversary is special to those who celebrated it at the church because during normal times such celebration is usually commemorated at Lawson Tama.

“Today we celebrate the 42nd independence anniversary both spiritually and physically. Today’s independence anniversary brings good news for the government and the church. The bonding of the government and church. 

“On behalf of the Prime Minister and the government of Solomon Islands, I take this opportunity to thank you Grace the Archbishop of ACOM for the prayers of your church during this time of COVID-19 pandemic. 

“This country truly needs our prayers because of our situation. The sickness is a very serious one and we need your prayers. Thank you for your continuous prayers and I also like to thank other churches as well Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA) and SIFGA,” said Minister Manetoali. 

The minister then added in today’s situation (COVID-19) there is no answer to it, but all must go back to fasting and praying. 

ACOM Archbishop Reverend Leonard Dawea also expressed best wishes to the government and the people of Solomon Islands and a happy 42nd independence anniversary.

The Archbishop stated at the occasion of the 42nd independence anniversary he wishes to assure the national government and people of Solomon Islands that the Anglican Church of Melanesia remains a loyal stakeholder in national development endeavors.  

“I assure the national government that ACOM fully supports your fight against COVID-19; hence, is doing all it can to that common end. 

“Be assured that Anglican Church of Melanesia, like all other ecumenical churches, pray unceasingly for the national government leaders and people of Solomon Islands,” said ACOM Archbishop Dawea. 

Following the official program which included a thanksgiving mass, a drama from the St Barnabas youths demonstrating the country’s history from the great ancestor to the colonial days through to the independence day on 7th July 1978. 

This was followed by the cutting of the independence cake and cultural entertainment.

Governor-General Sir David Vunagi, his wife, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeremiah Manele, and former Opposition Deputy Leader Peter Kenilorea Jnr were also present to witness the colourful occasion.