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More jobs in the making

10 July 2020
Christian Ramofafia.

THE Government expects to create about 3000 jobs from the Bina Harbour tuna processing plant project when the operation swings into action in Malaita. 

That's according to the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resource (MFMR) Permanent Secretary Christian Ramofafia.

“The Bina project is a big undertaking for the government of the day,” he said. 

Speaking to Premier Daniel Suidani and members of Malaita Provincial Assembly on Wednesday night in Auki, PS Ramofafia urged the provincial leaders to lead by example.

“Grab the opportunity and utilize it to benefit the province and the Solomon Islands as a whole,” he said. 

The PS added that the persuading Bina project comes with the desire to develop Malaita by creating job opportunities to improve the livelihood of the people and generate income in the province. 

With that, he said Bina Harbour is not only quality but also attractive.

“MFMR is committing itself into implementing the project and making it successful,” he said. 

In Auki