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Youths to go into Kava farming 

22 July 2020
Philip Subu and Lesly Sanga from Malaita Kava Resolution Movement with participants of the basic training at Fulifoe village north Malaita. [Photo supplied]

YOUTHS of Fulifoe village in north Malaita are set to go into kava farming.

The surge in interest was stemmed from a one day basic Kava training held at their village over the weekend.

The basic Kava training was organized by their village leader Radley Solomon Raramo and was facilitated by Philip Subu and Lesley Sanga from Malaita Kava Revolution Movement in Malaita province. 

Philip Maesubua said that he is happy to see that a lot of youths have shown interest to go into Kava farming apart from cocoa and coconut.

“I am happy to see that during our short training, more youths have shown interest in this crop,” Mr Subu said. 

He added that the training covers the basics of planting and managing the crop as it grows. 

“As a young man who wants to see Malaita youths involve in this crop, I am really happy that youths of Fulifoe have shown interest in this crop.”

Mr Subu said that north Malaita is yet to venture into this crop like other parts of Malaita.

Lesley Sanga further added that kava is a crop that suits rural communities well and besides, the return is satisfying. 

“I have seen with my naked eyes how village people benefited from this plant and it's a miracle,” said Mr Sanga.

He added that he wants to recommend to youths to engage in Kava farming because of the financial benefits attached to the crop.

Sanga further said that Kava has the potential to change the provincial economy for the better.

“I encourage youths to do their bit to contribute to nation building whilst they still have the energy and Kava production is one way to improve the country’s economic woes,” Sanga said. 

“The reason why our country made the switch recently to China is because we do not have enough money.  So if we really mean business with this plant, we can reduce our dependency on other countries and started doing our own thing,” he asserted.

Mr sanga said that he would like to encourage every youths in the country who are doing nothing in Honiara to return home and plant kava.

Philip Maesubua and Lesley Sanga will travel to other parts of Malaita to conduct the same training for others to move into kava farming. 

Richard Raramo of Fulifoe said that he is very happy to be part of the training because it is informative and relevant. 

Raramo said that they have heard of kava but now they have the basic knowledge and stalks to start their own farms. 

Redley Solomon Raramo had bought 20 bags of Kava stalks from youths at Busurata to kick start youths in his own village of Fulifoe.

Raramo added they will plant these stalks and in the future will distribute some to other interested farmers in the surrounding communities. 

Mr Raramo thanked Phillip Subu and Lesley Sanga for volunteering to teach the youths of Fulifoe the art of Kava farming.

“We are looking forward to working together with you in the future,” he said.