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Valuation roll workshop staged

23 July 2020
Acting Commissioner of Lands Alan McNeil, sitting centre with the participants of the land valuation workshop.

A one-day workshop was held this week in Honiara involving practising land valuers and other related professionals.

The training aims to to discuss and agree on the unimproved land values for different zones across Honiara, a statement from the Ministry of Lands said.

The workshop was funded through the Ministry of Lands Development Budget and was well-attended by registered valuers and members of the Valuers Association and other Ministry of Lands officers. 

“Valuers brought with them their knowledge and data, which was discussed, debated and agreed. Various factors were discussed as being influential on land values: for example, access to roads and foreshore, access to utilities such as water and electricity supplies, topographical location such as whether the land is on a hill top or in a valley, any natural hazards that may affect the land, and the location of the land in relation to Point Cruz,” the statement said. 

It was also acknowledged that Fixed Term Estates (FTE) with fewer years remaining before expiry would be of lesser value than recently renewed Fixed Term Estates, all other factors being equal. 

A Valuation Roll is a legislative requirement under the Land and Titles Act, but it is 17 years since the last Honiara Valuation Roll was determined, and land values have changed significantly since that time, the statement explained. 

“The Valuation Roll is a list of all land parcels with values based on the hypothetical scenario that the land is not improved or developed. 

“The Roll is used to determine land rents and Council Rates, so it has a direct impact on government revenue,” the statement said. 

At the workshop, Valuer General Helena Siosi stressed the importance of this work and stated that her team would analyse the information gathered and bring this back to the wider group for validation. 

Although admitting he is not a valuer himself, Acting Commissioner of Lands Alan McNeil led the discussion to draw out the valuation data at the workshop. 

In closing remarks, President of the Valuers Association Silva Dunge thanked the organisers and attendees for their inputs, and this was echoed by Permanent Secretary Stanley Waleanisia, who also commented that this one-day workshop had made history as the first collective effort by valuers to determine the basis for a Honiara valuation roll.