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Maka’a wants faithful staff 

23 July 2020
MUP premier Julian Maka'a.

The Premier of Makira Ulawa Province Julian Maka’a says he wants to see provincial workers carry out their various duties with dedication and diligence.

He said since taking up office in January, he has noticed provincial workers arrive late for work in the mornings and take off early from their duties in the afternoons.

Mr Maka’a said in some cases, workers knock off early but remain in the work premises, consuming liquor, while still others roam around chewing betel nuts and smoking as though they have no work to finish.

He said such attitudes must stop because his executive government has now in place a draft policy framework which will require dedication and diligent work output by all provincial workers, be they politicians, office and field workers.

Premier Maka’a said the draft policy framework will soon be presented to the heads of departments to study before it can be tabled for executive debate.

He said his government’s participation in preparing Makira Ulawa Province to combat the COVID-19 pandemic from reaching its shores has taken up a good part of its activities this year.

Mr Maka’a’s comments followed a concern raised by members of the Makira Ulawa Prominent Leaders’ Forum who said the Maka’a Government has been in power for seven months, but it has yet to announce its policies.

Forum members spoken to who want to remain unidentified said to run a government without policies shows there are people being engaged by Kira Kira who are not performing.


By George Atkin 
In Kira Kira