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Suidani invites Malaitan MPs to attend day 

10 August 2020
Daniel Suidani.

Malaita Provincial Premier Daniel Suidani has made an open invitation to all Members of Parliament (MP) representing Malaita Province to attend the Malaita Second Appointed Day scheduled for this Friday in Auki.

Premier Suidani issued the invitation in an interview with the Solomon Star on Sunday.

“The people of Malaita would be happy to see their representatives at the Malaita 37th Second Appointed Day celebration in Auki,” he said. 

The premier said some Malaita MPs have already confirmed their participation.

“It would be good to see if all the Malaita MPs could attend the event together as Malaita leaders representing the people of Malaita,” he said. 

The premier said guests for the event are expected to arrive on Wednesday 12, on Thursday 13 they will hand over the Kakara classroom project, which will be followed by the Second Appointed Day celebration on Friday 14. 

The premier said the celebration is a low key one, adding the province is planning to hold a big one next year when the province turns 38 in all the provincial wards. 

The Malaita Second Appointed Day celebration will fall on Friday 14 and not the usual August 15 because August 15 falls on a weekend. 

The event will be celebrated under the theme; ‘MALAITA PROVINCE RESILIENCE IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY.’

In Auki