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Stalin - ‘Poor MMF’

Dear Editor – Mr Stalin penned in one of his usual poet about leaders and one of its lines carried this: “MMF do not fulfill any of their noises at all…”.

Speaker resigned

Dear Editor - When he was Chairman of the Electoral Commission recently, this character was alleged to have appointed his relatives to certain positions of influence during the voter registration process for his consistency.

Ship for NW Choiseul

Dear Editor - There are hundreds if not thousands of silent disgruntled citizens of North West with many unanswered questions in their minds.


Dear Editor - Election fever is high, not only in Honiara, but in the provinces as well. Intending candidates are lobbying for potential voters, new political parties’ are launching their manifestos and everybody are wondering who they will vote for.


Dear Editor - Your paper last week, Tuesday 14th October 2014 (edition#: 5640) had two interesting titles on the front page: “Govt Gets tough on Funds” and “MPs terminal grant forces Fanega’s removal”. Speaking of contradictions!

Bainimarama, model leader?

Dear Editor - It is most interesting to read Henry Ata Daukalia's piece glorifying Fiji's Bainimarama (see Star of Monday 13th Oct 2014).

EM choir launches first DVD

Well-known gospel group EM Choir launched their first DVD album at Malaita provincial capital Auki, Friday.

Teku goes Rapid

Joining the highly trained team is a rewarding experience

Villagers renovate church

Members of the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) at Bina, west Kwaio, Malaita, have begun renovating church building.

Police ready for election

POLICE say they are ready to deal with any security issues that may arise during the November 19 elections.