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A true Temotu arrow warrior

Dear Editor – Firstly, to express my sincere thank and appreciation to the Honourable Premier of Temotu Province Fr Brown Beu for refusing and rebuffing the bribery attempt on him by a foreign corrupt investor/logger in their attempt to evade and by pas the required regulations for quick logging on Vanikoro Island.

NCRA reign

Dear Editor - Firstly, I would like to quote some famous important saying and statements:

Pride turned sour and shameful

Dear Editor – When all required formalities regarding the construction of the Papua New Guinea Chancery in Honiara were completed, everyone was on high tune and forward looking to its impletion and subsequently, its official opening.

Solomon Islands today

Dear Editor – Since RAMSI arrived in the Solomon Islands in 2003, life for the majority of ordinary Solomon islanders hasn’t improved.

Now is the time to say goodbye

Dear Editor – As I boarded my small aircraft in June 1974 at Santo Airport in what was then the New Hebrides and now Vanuatu, a large crowd of local people, including the families of the policemen that I had known and helped to care for in the two years I had been the police commander on the island, gathered round the plane and sang, "Now is the time to say goodbye." 

Charitable website

Dear Editor - I am writing this letter, rather like an open letter, in the hope that I can encourage the Solomon Islands Government, Non Government Organizations (NGO’s) or individual Solomon Island’s citizens to advise me how I can assist the many causes in the Solomons that might benefit from receiving financial aid by way of donations from the creation of a charitable website that I am prepared to design and fund.

Disaster, comfort and hope

DEAR EDITOR - Grateful if you could publish this article in your daily newspaper.

Financial hoax

DEAR EDITOR – Dr Tarcisius Kabutaulaka is not far from the truth, that is a flooded politics amidst the devastating situation Honiara and some parts of Guadalcanal are now experiencing.

Gov’t deprives flood victims

DEAR EDITOR – Again the government had deprived the innocent victims of the recent flash flood by sharing amongst themselves $300,000 each for the purpose of assistance.

Honiara disaster

DEAR EDITOR – I join the nation in passing our Province and people’s deep condolences to the families and relatives of those who have tragically lost their lives in the recent Honiara flooding.