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Mere market next week

The Solomon Islands Women in Business Association or SIWIBA will host its second Mere Market after it was postponed last month.

Lessons from April disaster

Dear Editor – Last week, students at Mbokonavera High School expressed their frustration at the authorities for allowing evacuees to continue to occupy their classrooms.

Where are the school materials?

Dear Editor – I am one of the guardians and a parent who is seriously concern and sadly acknowledge the manner in which the adviser of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development has continued to delay the distribution of school materials to schools throughout the country, so much so that it is now affecting not only school resources but the pupils’ learning as well.

Immigration needs to improve service

Dear Editor – There is a lot of concern from the business houses and the public with regards to the services provided by the Immigration department of the Ministry of Commerce, Labour, Immigration and investment.

Removed Financial Controller, MHMS

Dear Editor – In the past months we have faced a difficult situation in the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

How we corrupt public offices

Dear Editor – It is perhaps a repetition of the obvious to say that corruption of office was the rock which will destroy the ship of the nation Solomon Islands.

Bishops elect new leaders

PORT Moresby – Catholic bishops in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands elected new office bearers at a meeting last week.

Call to end Fiji regime pay secrecy

RNZI: The Fiji Labour Party says the prime minister must provide audited accounts of his salary from April 2010 onwards, RNZI reports.

SIVB & Solomon Airlines commence joint promotional activity

Building on a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed last month by Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau (SIVB) and Solomon Airlines, teams from both parties have held their first official meeting recently.

Renbel logging

Dear Editor – I wish to echo some of our concerns as landowners of west Rennell about the Amos Teikagei’s illegal logging operation on Rennell island, which brings a lots of problems to our communities instead of developments.