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Students spend more time at the pool

The game of Pool widely known as snooker is said to have played a positive and important role in keeping youths from alcohol and drug related problems in many communities in and around Honiara as well as in the provinces.

PMO vs Forau

Dear Editor – This is a brief reply to provide context to Peter Forau’s personal attack on me as appeared in Solomon Star issue number on 5621.

Dr Who for PM's job?

Dear Editor – I have just seen Peter Forau's letter to the editor glorifying Dr Rodgers as the best man to be our nation's next PM (see Star No.5617 of Monday 15th Sept 2014).

A pristine bay under threat

Takataka faces the menacing pillage of loggers

A logging company's attempt to circumvent a court order

This is like a scene carved out from a Hollywood thriller blockbuster movie, an Asian colluding with a bank to circuvent a court order.

Eligibility for nomination

Dear Editor – The Solomon Islands Electoral Commission responded to my letter to the Solomon Star requesting legal clarification on the above.

Choosing leaders who walk the talk

THANKS again to Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI).

Unhygienic behaviour

Dear Editor – An interesting article appeared in your paper last week regarding the unhygienic behaviour of people in Honiara by reporter Inifiri.

Extension of city boundary

Dear Editor – It is my humble view that Tandai Landowners should shelf the negotiations and think of better deals which will give them a win- win conclusion.

Lee’s Lake

Dear Editor – The recent study done at Lees Lake is a good sign of moving the community forward in terms of business, employment and general improvement of the people’s quality of life in the future.