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Bainimarama to step down as head of Fiji military

25 February 2014

Fijian Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will step down from his position as head of the Fiji Military Forces on Friday.

This comes as he prepares to announce his political party to contest the upcoming 2014 Elections. While Commodore Bainimarama has not revealed members of his party, he has reportedly invited members of his current government set up to be part of his party. 

He is not insisting on a quota for men and women only saying he will select people on merit.
Minister for Women and Social Welfare Dr Jiko Luveni told FijiLive earlier that she was keen to be part of Bainimarama's party. Other ministers have been asked, but have stated they have not decided as yet.
Bainimarama steps down on Friday, 28 February, hands over the post of military on Saturday, 1 March. And still on the first of March he is expected to announce details about his party.
Only four political parties have been registered so far to contest the elections being the Fiji Labour Party, SODELPA, National Federation Party and the Peoples Democratic Party.
Meanwhile, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama  has called on Territorial Force members on the weekend to support the new Commander.
“I call on you today to support the new Commander who will be appointed next week,” the Commander said.
He reminded them of the military’s role enshrined in the constitution.
“As members of the RFMF your role is to protect the nation,” he said.
The Commander said a new plan had been set for the Territorial Forces starting from next year.
“1000 from TF would be called in, 500 would go for peacekeeping duties and the other 500 would replace regular soldiers on Tour of Duty (TOD).”
He said as he would be standing down as Commander next week he reminded those on parade to protect the RFMF institution.
The RFMF, he said, had successfully made major changes since the change in leadership in 2006 and this must continue.

 He thanked them for the support they gave him all throughout his leadership.
“Most of you on parade are in employment and it is good for you to attend such camp especially to sharpen your minds and skills,” he said.