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Westpac installs horizontal sliding flood plank barrier

28 May 2014

WESTPAC Fiji has installed horizontal sliding flood plank barriers at its Nadi branch to protect its property and increase the ability to serve customers during flooding.

In a statement on Monday, Westpac Fiji projects manager Bernadette Wakeham said they decided to take precautionary measures and install those floor barriers after experiencing three floods in the past and incurring exorbitant losses.

"It is technology that we hope will never be needed, but there is a need to protect our business to continue to serve our customers.

"The barriers are designed especially for the height of flood protection and were brought in from PS Doors Flood Products Group, America.

"Specifically designed for the Nadi site, the rear doors and a sliding main entry door have airtight seals, which will go a long way to mitigate the known flooding problems in Nadi."

In addition to those fixed doors, she said, they had the ability to install flood barriers around their ATMs when the chance of flooding was eminent.

Suva (Fiji Times)