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Media alliance in Tonga aims to attract better advertising deals

01 April 2014

A new media alliance in Tonga is aiming to band outlets together to make advertising more accessible.

The publisher of Taimi o Tonga, Kalafi Moala, says the real enemy for media is "out there" and not amongst different outlets.

He says some outlets are so small that their reach is not attractive to advertisers, so three already are pitching to advertisers as one group.
Kalafi Moala says the Taimi o Tonga network has grouped with the Kele'a outlet as well as the New Zealand-based Kakalu o Tonga.
He says he hopes other media will also come on board.
“If we combine those three then our reach will be quite substantial. So here we are forming an alliance and we are going to the advertiser and saying if you advertise with our alliance we can pretty much guarantee you a reach that you'll be satisfied with. It will go to the whole Tongan community."
Moala says the alliance may also eventually include the sharing of news stories from independent audiences.



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