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Pacific media body calls for more investment in small media businesses

01 April 2014

The President of the Pacific Islands News Association (PINA) has called for more investment in small media businesses.

Moses Stevens was at the Asian Development Bank Pacific Business Media Summit last week in Sydney and said there were a lot of ideas shared about business models, but says some small media outlets would love to have a better media model themselves. 

He says there's lots of investment in other small businesses in the Pacific, but if fledgling media outlets are going to help promote them, they too shouldn't be outside that scope.
Stevens says the ADB is implementing microfinancing schemes for those who can't afford start-up costs, and media groups also should be included.
"I think in the media sector if media are going to be a significant partner in disseminating information and exposing the needs there then I think they should be empowered as well and they should make some funding available for them to start off businesses in the media industry."



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