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Neighbour increases terrorism threat level

20 January 2015

AP - The terrorism threat level for Australian police has been elevated to high.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said the change was a result of intelligence and discussions with its partners, and was in line with the broader threat level for the community.

“Recent events in France, Canada and Australia serve as a sobering reminder of the risks associated with policing,” the AFP said.

“While relatively small, there are increasing numbers of Australians who are connected with or inspired by overseas terrorist groups such as the Islamic State ... with the intent and capability to conduct an attack against police.”

Australia's general terrorism threat level was raised in September.

The AFP said there was no specific threat.

Soon after the announcement, state and territory police began advising their members.

Queensland Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said there was no single incident in Australia that had triggered the action.

Emails were sent to Queensland police members and their families to "ease any concerns" while reminding officers to aware of their personal safety.

“There is still no known specific threat against any person or place right now in this state that I know of ... I want to make that very very clear,” Stewart said.

He said Queensland Police would be sympathetic to officers applying to carry their weapons at the end of their shifts.

“I am very mindful that there are those officers who need to take weapons home,” he said.

Victoria Police acting chief commissioner Tim Cartwright has told state officers and police public servants to be vigilant.

“While it is important that the public is aware of the increased threat, people should continue to go about their lives as normal,” a spokesperson said.

- AP