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FM 100 is non-exclusive radio broadcaster for the Games

14 May 2015

They will be calling the Games live on their radio net- works throughout the two weeks of competition and will also be providing their audiences with updates leading up to the Games.

FM 100 is the second local Radio broadcaster to be given rights to broadcast the Games after the National Broad- casting Cooperation (NBC).

Through this deal, FM100 will also be airing Games commercials and doing live cross overs at pre-Games marketing events to help promote the Games.

FM100 Chief Executive Officer John Mong said, “We are excited to be part of the team that will help bring the games to the people of PNG. Through our radio network, our audiences will be able to hear the excitement of the Games no matter where they are in PNG.

These pre-Games airtime promotions include Games ticketing information, relay updates, sports and athlete profiles.

Clint Flood, Executive Operations Manager added’ FM 100 adds yet another dimension of coverage for the Games here in PNG.

Their audiences will be able to tune in throughout the Games to hear live games and get regular updates on Team PNG’s progress”.

This agreement reflects GOC’s commitment in relaying the Games coverage to the nation.

“Radio has a wider reach than any other mode of communication in PNG, we appreciate that the rural population has access to radio, therefore, we’d like to cater to those people so the Games experience is shared with everyone across the country”, said Mr. Flood.

GOC is also in talks with other local radio broadcasters to maximise the coverage of the Games through this medium.