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Fiji Airways uses iPad in B737 business class entertainment

04 October 2015

NADI, (FIJI AIRWAYS) --- Fiji Airways yesterday announced that all business class passengers travelling on flights operated by its B737 fleet will be offered iPads for in-flight entertainment (IFE) with pre-loaded movies, TV shows and music.

The business class entertainment upgrade which starts from 01 November 2015, is another move by Fiji Airways to become established as a world-class boutique airline. 

The new iPad based IFE will offer Business Class customers a choice of 23 movies, 19 television shows and a range of music. By March 2016, the onboard entertainment selection on the iPad IFE will increase, offering over 100 hours of inflight entertainment. 

The B737 fleet operates on flights to/from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Pacific Islands. 

“This is an exciting product upgrade for Business Class guests on our B737 fleet, and will offer them convenience and choices we haven’t been able to offer before on this aircraft type,” said David Bowden, Fiji Airways acting-CEO.

“This new audio-visual enhancement will be an on-demand service, include the latest movies and TV shows along with the classics. Coupled with our award winning inflight service, wines, and menu designed by Chef Lance Seeto, we can now bring the B737 Business Class experience to par with that of our A330s,” concluded Bowden. 

The iPad based IFE enhancement is part of the Fiji Airways overall upgrade on IFE content across its entire fleet. The airline has signed an agreement with Global Eagle Entertainment Inc., (GEE) for provision of onboard entertainment content. This includes increased movie and TV show selections on both aircraft types (B737s and A330s) and the ability to offer inflight video advertising. 

“Fiji Airways is stepping up its content game with a creative approach that is on par with other leading airlines,” said Amir Samnani, Senior Vice President of Content Services for Global Eagle.

“Both Fiji Airways and Global Eagle are committed to a whole new level of content delivery and game-changing innovations focused on providing the very best passenger experience.”

GEE is already selling Fiji Airways’ advertising and sponsorship spots, which will begin appearing on the airline’s IFE screens at the beginning of 2016. 

As an ongoing investment in amplifying the passenger’s experience both in the air and on the ground, Fiji Airways has committed to a number of upgrades within the company throughout 2015. This includes the purchase of several new aircraft and introduction of online check-in options.