Editor - Solomon Star News


Baegu Aifolaa United Action

Dear Editor - It is interesting to know where is the current status of the Baegu Asifolaa United Action Association (BAUA) which was at full force at its initial establishment.

To’abaita shipping company

Dear Editor  – It was revealed that MP for North Malaita (To’abaita) Constituency was one of the recipients of Solomon Islands Government (SIG) shipping grant in December last year.

Food and exercise

Dear Editor – Thanks for giving me the opportunity. Today I would like to raise the issue of food and exercise.  

RDB where art thou?

Dear Editor - Please allow me space to seek help from our RDB, and the provincial executive.

Many are called

Dear Editor – Many are called but only a few were selected to continue their further studies abroad, let alone the below mark and the failed ones.

Appointment of Moti

Dear Editor – Now that the arguments about Mr Moti’s claim for compensation had stopped for a while, I wish to raise some points concerning Mr Moti’s appointment to the past of the Attorney General.

Where are the millions?

Dear Editor - I was brought up as child in the 70's in the rural area. There are three things which I first sensed during those childhood days which serviced me and is still servicing the people today.

Positive result from Tina River Hydro welcoming

Its good to know from reports that the second phase of the feasibility studies conducted at the Tina River Hydro project is producing good result.

Thank you Australia

THE Solomon Islands had been trying to join the Australian seasonal workers scheme some years back, but was denied.

Traffic jam a nightmare

ITS a problem that is getting from bad to worse now.