Editor - Solomon Star News


Our rights at risk

Dear Editor – It is now high time that every voting indigenous Solomon Islander rise up and use the ballot box to change direction and defend their every right to live in this land and be prosper rather than being sidelined like strangers in their own land.

Knowing one-self

Dear Editor – I could not be given in easily to temptation. That is why I am valuable.

Gao-Bugotu MP

Dear Editor – I wish to respond to the letter written by Peter Dikota (Solstar issue: 5601).

The gains would be worth it all

The countdown has truly begun. A week from now, for example, the Ninth Parliament will be no more. It will be dissolved. Nearly half the 50 Members of Parliament will have been out of job as the nation prepares to vote in new MPs to represent them in the 10th Parliament.

2014 Election Integrity Pledge

Many candidates have been swept in to Parliament on promises that have never been fulfilled.

Response to Repaka on NWC MP

Dear Editor - May I respond to Abraham Repaka’s piece of information provided to Solstar issue no.5599 published on Monday 25/08/14 concerning above debated heading.

Gold Ridge Mine Sale

Dear Editor - Media reports of government's intention to take over St. Barbara's Gold Ridge Mine brings to mind the manner in which the former 'government' House and Land (now occupied by Heritage Hotel) was dealt with.

Disgraceful leaders must not be entertained

Dear Editor - The Premier of Western Province should sack his Deputy Hon. Brisbane Amatore, MPA for Inner Shortlands, for his disgraceful behavior. Just the other night (26/08/14) he was drunk and came to our house at Kombevatu around 10pm and started swearing at us unprovoked. This is his second time. 

POB for life

Dear Editor – Some small earners or grassroots are NPF members.

North West Choiseul MP

Dear Editor – I'd like to comment on some of things raised by Mr Manuru as appeared in Solomon star 23rd August against 2014s against the MP for the North West Choiseul.