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Disgraceful leaders must not be entertained

Dear Editor - The Premier of Western Province should sack his Deputy Hon. Brisbane Amatore, MPA for Inner Shortlands, for his disgraceful behavior. Just the other night (26/08/14) he was drunk and came to our house at Kombevatu around 10pm and started swearing at us unprovoked. This is his second time. 

POB for life

Dear Editor – Some small earners or grassroots are NPF members.

North West Choiseul MP

Dear Editor – I'd like to comment on some of things raised by Mr Manuru as appeared in Solomon star 23rd August against 2014s against the MP for the North West Choiseul.

Gold Ridge takeover

Dear Editor – While I support the present government call to localize the ownership of the only mining in the country I am concern over the attitudes and policy of the NCRA regime and their term in office.

Gov’t cash strapped?

Dear Editor – You raised this issue in Star No 5600 of 26/08/'14.

We need 50 lady MPs

Dear Editor – I write to register my genuine wish for the next National Parliament House to consist of 50 ladies instead of 50 gentlemen who are not at all gentle.

Where’s our allowance?

Dear Editor - As a concerned citizen of our country, I just want to mention to us fellow friends,relatives, and parents.
This year was known to be the most problematic year faced by Solomon Islanders studying at Unitech, PNG.

POB’s banking practices

Dear Editor – I wish to reply to the comments made by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, John Diau and the recent comments made by Aljen Ijini Tingulu in the Solomon Star issue No.5600, 26 August 2014.

MP for Gao-Bugotu

Dear Editor – I wish to briefly make a few comments in response to Japhill Dikahehe issues on Island Sun dated 21/08/2014 NO.1761.

Why damage our water supply?

ONE of the most important facilities that should be respected by all is our water supply infrastructure.