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Conserving for the future

DAOLUSU Community of Ward 30 in Malaita Province will soon embark on a project to rehabilitate their mangrove forests and conserve the marine eco-system of their mangroves. 

CPC is a reckless, lawless regime

FIRST, if you think you would find justice in China, sorry; their justice system is nothing but a big bluff rubber stamp of the Communist Party of China(CPC).

Gua Marovo – Babata passage

DEAR EDITOR – Long ago, in the 70’s and 80’s, late Pulepanda Ghamu is our MP. 

Taiwan or China?

DEAR EDITOR – Please publish the following:

We know more than enough about China

DEAR EDITOR – Our veteran journalist Alfred Sasako in the feature page of the Island Sun Friday 6 September, may little realized that the title of his article ; China has more to offer than skeptics realize, is a slap on the face of many Solomon Islanders in academia, both nationally and internationally.

Exporting fresh orchids

DEAR EDITOR – With the increasing success of kava as a cash crop rewarding kava farmers with much needed income and the reported success of chocolate sales and coconut related products, I often wonder why the Solomon Islands has not developed a fresh flower market, particularly the cultivation and export of orchids.

Limiting damages of climate change

DEAR EDITOR – The message that emerged from the leaders of the smaller Pacific islands countries at the recent Pacific Islands Forum meeting in Tuvalu could not have been clearer or more important – climate change is real and the future of our children and all the children of the blue Pacific is uncertain – unless urgent, ambitious action is taken to limit global warming to below 1.5C.

New wheelchairs for hospitals, clinics

UP to 90 new wheelchairs will be delivered to hospitals and health centres across the country.

Family survives landslide


HEAVY rain in the Western province over the weekend has caused several damages to properties in Gizo.

In Court with Assumpta Buchanan

* Rioter to be sentenced today
* Sentencing date set for Irofinao
* Former MP’s trial starts

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