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Landowners unhappy with SSPM appointment

GOLD Ridge Landowners have expressed displeasure with the appointment of Rence Sore to the post of Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM).

Bmobile promises better service this year

Bmobile Vodafone has installed its new satellite dish that will bring in the upgraded 3G services this year from a new satellite provider to allow for cheaper data costs for customers.

Christians urged to rise up

CHRISTIANS are urged to rise up and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How a church welcomes New Year

MEMBERS of the United Church in Honiara welcomed the arrival of New Year on Wednesday night with testimonies and songs.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks!

WE’VE come to the end of another year.

Gov't rejects Bingtang bid

APID gets the nod

New TARD champs

Panama-Sulagwalu claimed titled for first time

Patients touched by visits

MEMBERS of the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) central church in Honiara yesterday visited patients at the National Referral Hospital to pray and share gifts.

Villagers mark Christmas praying and feasting

COMMUNITIES within Kwaibaita valley in east Malaita marked Christmas with church services and feasting.

New Nadi Honiara service

Air Niugini launches flight