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POB’s banking practices

Dear Editor – I wish to reply to the comments made by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands, John Diau and the recent comments made by Aljen Ijini Tingulu in the Solomon Star issue No.5600, 26 August 2014.

MP for Gao-Bugotu

Dear Editor – I wish to briefly make a few comments in response to Japhill Dikahehe issues on Island Sun dated 21/08/2014 NO.1761.

Why damage our water supply?

ONE of the most important facilities that should be respected by all is our water supply infrastructure.

Containing an epidemic of fear

Dear Editor – The idea of a deadly and contagious virus with no cure is terrifying.

Praise for reconciliation ceremony: South Guadalcanal

On Wednesday 20th August 2014 the Solomon Star published the above headline.

Victim of the Mataniko flash flood

Dear Editor - As a victim of the April flash flood, I am honest to say from my heart that I am not happy with what NDMO has done to us.

Pallaras’ statement so true

Dear Editor - I'd like to comment on the High Court Judge, Mr. Steven Pallaras reply to the DPP, in response to Mr. Ronald Bei Talasasa’s attacked on Judge’s comments.

Family Protection Bill is rubbish

Dear Editor - The passage of this bill in parliament showed the thoughtless and careless attitude of our leaders.

Aligegeo thanks Caritas

ALIGEGEO Provincial Secondary School in Malaita has thanked Caritas for the provision of water tanks for students’ use.

Conference to re-affirm Pacific identity

PROMINENT academics from five universities around the Pacific participated in the Wansolwara conference at Divine Word University, Madang in Papua New Guinea (PNG), to discuss the importance of restoring Pacific identity, on Tuesday.