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Teachers need to take the lead in quality education

Dr Patricia Rodie's address to teachers on World Teachers Day

Tomorrow is a girl

WHEN girls are not assured the same opportunities as boys, whether one speaks of the level of ones' education or which profession one would like to pursue, we as families, villages, societies and nations are short-changing ourselves.

Solomon Islands Post-RAMSI - Falling down in bits and pieces

HOW does one evaluate RAMSI?
I am not sure how, although there are various Reports, Consultancies and Surveys that have attempted to address this question.

Another hero has fallen but his legacy lives on

DR JOHN Roughan left us yesterday. 

True champion of villages

I WISH to join my colleague Dr Transform Aqorau (SST5315), or he has happily beaten me first, in paying my sincerest tribute to a great leader I respect most.

Tribute to late Dr John Roughan

Dr John Roughan, School Board Member for the past 6 years passed away on 24th October, 2013.

Fanalei divided over controversial dolphin hunt

DEAR EDITOR – You got it all wrong, Page 4 of Solomon Star Issue No. 5322 Thursday 31st October, 2013.

Trumpets and Torches

It is common in most villages in Solomon Islands, when someone died, relatives and friends of the deceased wrap up the get-together during the 10th day after the passing.

Dream comes true for Tenakoga

TENAKOGA Primary School in the Paripao ward of North East Guadalcanal was recently boosted with solar sets thanks to Willies Electrical.

Kwaio man launches new book at ANU

AT an exceptional occasion Tuesday this week at the Australian National University’s (ANU) University House, coinciding with the Solomon Islands Transition Workshop, a little known Esau Kekeubata of the interior of East Kwaio was given an uncommon honor to launch Dr David Akin’s book: Colonialism, Maasina Rule, and the Origins of Malaitan Kastom.