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Alleged match fixing investigated

05 March 2014

The Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF) is carrying out an investigation over allegations of match fixing during the match between X-Beam FC and Real Kakamora over the weekend.

This was confirmed from the SIFF media department this week.

The investigation follows allegations of match fixing relating to the X-Beam and Real Kakamora match over the weekend which ended in an 11-0 in favour of X-Beam.

But in response to the allegations, SIFF said at the moment no one is guilty of match fixing and an investigation is currently underway.

SIFF told local media to make proper considerations when reporting on the alleged match fixing issue.

“While there is an allegation it has not been proven that there indeed was a case of match fixing.

“This matter is now been taken up officially and shall be dealt with according to the processes and regulations that apply.

“We have full avenues to deal with such issues under facilities available through the OFC from FIFA.

“Meanwhile SIFF would also like to tell clubs to stay away while investigations are carried out.

“However, we do not want a media debate to take place and discount the integrity of the process that will take place nor denigrate the position or standing of all the clubs concerned.

“Therefore, we kindly ask that all media news items relating to this issue have an accompanying statement from the Telekom S-League management.

“Additionally, no one has yet gathered any proof on this case so be wary of anyone claiming to the contrary,” SIFF media officer told media.