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Gus ousted

05 March 2014

An impossible has happened. Mr. Gus Kraus the current South Pacific Champion on the 8 ball game was beaten for the first time on Monday at Club HP, Heritage Park Hotel.

And it happened not even at the finals but at a stage earlier, the semi final. And this came after beating Mr. Peter Boyers the current Solomon Islands pool champion.

His opponent at the semi final was a little known and yet much loved Henry, a Fijian who now calls Solomon Islands his second home. But it was the Airlines’ man who took control of the game from the start displaying his shots with accuracy and at ease. Henry on the other hand started the game defensively cautious of his opponent knowing very well how good he can be.

The game was played in front of a parked crowd as it was worthy of a final. It was not until the 4th minute when the South Pacific Champion while attempting to make a back shot erred in his judgment and instead got one of his high balls to hit ball number 8th sending it to pot in the eastern left of the table that had the ampire nothing to say but pointing to the centre declaring the game over and awarding it to Henry, much to Gus' disappointment but a relieve for his opponent.

Speaking after his defeat Mr Kraus had this to say “It was a good game. I was confident from the start knowing that I had already beaten the number one seed Mr. Peter Boyers. It was a game I should have won but my absence in the last couple of weeks contributed to my unfortunate error. I shouldn’t have taken that shot, it was a mistake. And the unfavorable weather too had a bit to play in my defeat. Any way I am very much looking forward to next week’s challenge and I am sure to win that regardless of who takes part”.

Next week’s challenged will again start at 7 and the participants are requested to call 7772177 to confirm their attendance. It will be sponsored by Fashion de Isles, a clothing shop that operates on the northern end of the Anthony Saru Building and specializes in Fijian products particularly shirts and sandals. Their new stock has arrived this week.