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IMPRESSIVE START…For new Kingz coach following a draw

29 January 2014

The newly appointed coach for Malaita Kingz football club (FC) William Omokirio has expressed appreciation with his side’s performance despite a 0-0 draw with X-Beam FC.

“It was a very nice and tough game and the boys really did their best.
“I would like to thank the boys for their hard work.

“I feel that we should have won the game if the score which was called for an offside was counted.
“We will prepare for the next game,” Omokirio told local media yesterday.

He extended the acknowledgement for the Kingz club management and the supporters who came out to show their support behind the team

When asked how challenging the new role he was given, Omokirio admitted it was tough but stressed things will fall in place as time goes on.

He admitted that his side needs to work more some areas.

“The most challenging is to get the players to work together and follow what you as a coach expects of them.
“Another challenge is the teams, they also have good players and this means we have the challenge to work extra hard to progress forward.
“Teams at the top would like to maintain their status and the bottom table teams would like to come up so it will be very tough,” he said.

Kingz and X-Beam had their moments to claim victory in Tuesday’s match but both could not find a proper finish to their chance.

Alick Mamae missed a golden opportunity sending the ball over the cross beam in a penalty and Joses Nawo missed what could have been the second goal in the dying minutes for X-Beam.

Kingz had one behind the net but was called for an offside.

Another TSL match kicked off yesterday between Western United FC and Hana FC at the Lawson Tama Stadium.