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More to be qualified

29 January 2014

Chess players in the country will get their qualification if they do pass a test set by the International Federation of Chess.

Visiting FIDE chief executive officer (CEO), Geoffrey Borg is conducting a seminar for key chess players in the country on this.

They will be qualified to be a development instructor and national instructor if they do pass the test that was sat yesterday.

FIDE CEO Geoffrey Borg told Star Sports there are five levels in FIDE structure of qualification and those passing the test will be qualified on two of those.

He said it’s still at an early stage but what we have worked on shows a keen to the game of chess in the country.

“We will sit and discuss further with the local chess federation over this and hopefully more of such training be given in the near future for other qualifications,” he said.

Borg said whilst the local federation have been establishing chess into schools, FIDE would like to see that this initiative becomes a building block for all time.

“Cracking the nut at school level especially with the young children is the focus and you will see the harvest on a later time.”

He said FIDE supports chess development in the country and will continue to do so with close partnership with the relevant sporting bodies including the government.

By Bradford Theonomi