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Call to deport foreign convict

01 August 2017

THE mother of the girl who is currently the partner of a Vietnamese ex-convict has demanded prompt action by responsible authorities to deport him to his home country.

Speaking to the Solomon Star on Monday, Ethel Tanai said the Vietnamese national needs to go due to the ill-treatments towards her daughter.

In fact, Ms Tanai and her daughter were looking after the ex-convict when he was released on parole.

He ended up impregnating her daughter when he was staying with them over a year ago.

“I was kind enough to look after him. But, he did not respect me and my family,” Mrs Tanai said.

“Imagine doing something good for someone, and later he came around behind your back to cause something bad – this is foolishness,” she added.

“His actions are disrespectful and he deserved a life behind bars.”

She added the continuous reckless attitude of the foreigner is a pain in the neck.

The mother of six children said it is also illegal for him to stay in the country.

“This Vietnamese man must leave; I want him deported,” she said.

It is understood that the Vietnamese was serving a life sentence in 2012 for the murder of a fellow crewman on board a Taiwanese Fishing vessel berthing at Point Cruz, Honiara.

He was convicted of one count of murder and one count of unlawful wounding.

 The stabbing incidents happened on board the vessel Pacific Pride, during the celebration of the Chinese New Year on 2 February 2011.

 Nguyen stabbed two of his fellow crewmen, one on the eye while another on his shoulder.

The crewmen, who were stabbed in the eye, died while the other sustained injuries.

According to Ms Tanai, the Vietnamese man is currently remanded at the Police headquarters in Rove after being arrested last Saturday, awaiting further investigations by the police.

“He is a man with history.

“He deserved to be kept there. But I want him deported straight away because it is illegal for him to stay here,” Ms Tanai said.

Since being released on parole, the Vietnamese lad has been looked after by locals, who are his close friends.

Meanwhile, the concerned mother is urging the responsible authorities to quickly finalise all paper works to deport the man to his country of origin.

She said at the moment, she is working closely with the police and the Immigration towards deporting the man.