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Manele: Lack of attendance shocking

01 August 2017

THE Parliamentary Opposition Leader Honorable Jeremiah Manele has described Government MPs lack of commitment in attending Parliament as ‘shocking and disgraceful’.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Opposition Leader said it was inexcusable for Government MPs not to attend Parliament especially to support the National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016-2035 Report; a motion moved by the Minister of Planning & Aid Coordination for Parliament to consider the NDS.

On Monday this week, Parliament was unable to continue with its business in the afternoon becausethere was no quorum.

“The government has an absolute majority of more than 35 MPs, therefore, quorum should never be an issue at all,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said the disgraceful arrogance by Government MPs only show their lack of commitment and ownership of the NDS and also other matters of national interest.

“MPs are elected by the people to represent them in Parliament and this should be their paramount responsibility,” Mr Manele said.

Two ministers that were supposed to answer questions from the Opposition in Parliament on Monday were also not present.

The ministers are Mines Minister David Dei Pacha and Health Minister DrTautaiAgikimuaKaitu’u whom arrived late.

“This kind of attitude is unacceptable and it only shows our lack of commitment especially to our people,” Mr Manele said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader has also called on the Prime Minister to take control in making sure ministers and backbenchers attend Parliament.

Mr Manele said the Prime Minister should also restrict his ministers and even back benchers from travelling overseas while Parliament is in session.

“The Prime Minister must take a tough stand. This kind of attitude is unacceptable as the people expect more from the Government,” he said.