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04 August 2017

Lusibaea, Pacha, Manetoali terminated, major Cabinet reshuffle expected

PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has terminated three of his ministers in a major Cabinet shake-up that will also see a number of ministerial changes in the coming days.

Axed are Minister of Infrastructure Development (MID) Jimmy Lusibaea, Minister of Environment and Conservation Samuel Manetoali and Minister of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification David Dei Pacha.

Government sources last night said their replacements are Bradley Tovosia going in for Pacha, Stanley Sofu taking over from Mr Lusibaea and Augustine Auga to replace Manetoali.

Our sources further disclosed other major changes sees Minister of Finance Snyder Rini being replaced by John Maneiaru. Rini moves to the Fisheries Ministry.

Elijah Doromuala Commerce Minister is taking over from the Justice Ministry. William Marau has been assigned to the Commerce Ministry.

The source further revealed the Lands Minister Moses Garu is set to replace Sofu as the Police Minister. 

Minister of Education and Human Resources Dr John Moffat Fugui is also facing a reshuffle.

He is being replaced the Minister of Public Service John Dean Kuku will be sworn in as the new Minister of Education and Human Resources today, replacing Dr Fugui.

Sources said the Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr Kaitu’u Tautai Angikimua will be the new Minister for Public Service.

They said the new Health and Lands Ministers are still being considered as there are further changes to be made to the Democratic Coalition for Change Government Cabinet line-up.

Phone calls to the Special Secretary to the Prime Minister John Muria Junior and Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office Robson Djokovic last night to confirm the sackings went unanswered.

Secretary to Caucus Robert Chris told the Solomon Star when contacted last night that he would only be able to confirm these reported changes to the DCCG Cabinet line-up today.

But he said the Prime Minister has been planning some major changes to his Cabinet line-up and would not rule out the truthfulness of the reported Cabinet line-up changes.

Our sources claimed this move has been orchestrated by the Kandere Party led by Peter Boyers. The Parliamentary Wing Leader is John Maneiaru.

However, sources last night warned the move might cause a rift amongst the Parties who are part of the government.

“This shakeup will put the Prime Minister in an awkward situation given the three parties who make up the government.”

The other two Parties which formed the government along with Kandere Party are United Democratic Party (UDP) and Peoples Alliance Party (PAP).

UDP is led by Sir Tommy Chan as president while its Parliamentary Wing Leader is Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare.

Sir Nathaniel Waena heads the PAP and its Parliamentary Wing Leader is Milner Tozaka.

Lusibaea has been an Independent Member before joining the government during a recent political wrangling.

The news of the termination and reshuffling has stirred a lot of discussions via the social media last night amongst concern citizens.

Many have expressed concern over the situation affecting the government.






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