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Seru calls for good behaviour

10 August 2017
Pastor Seru giving a talk at the end of the Bulkshop Futsal Challenge.

President of the Solomon Islands Sports Coalition, Pastor Nacanieli Seru has called on all schools that participated in the Bulk Shop Futsal league to show good behaviour during matches.

Pastor Seru made the call following yesterday’s Bulk Shop U16 grand finals which saw supporters from both sides involving in a brawl after the match.

Some supporters who were mostly students have gone far with their support to the extent of swearing at players as well as provoking the opposing supporters which led to fighting amongst students.

Pastor Seru described such behaviour as unwanted in sports and a hurdle for the development of futsal in the country for future generations.

He added with such attitude one could not excel in life.

“We strongly condemn such behaviour from these certain people who stirred up things to cause problems.

“It’s sad to see the future leaders of Solomon Islands behave in such manner.

“Be good sports people and supporters.

“Support your respective teams properly.

“It is a game, one has to lose and the other has to win.

“I call on all parents and teachers to discipline your kids and students at home and in your classrooms,” he said.