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SPOL backs Avaiki with new outfit

10 August 2017
Members of the Avaiki rugby team with their new uniform and staff of SPO. [Photo: Avaiki Press]

The SPOL-Avaiki Rugby Team received its new uniform from major sponsor, the South Pacific Oil Limited (SPOL) as part of its new partnership with the Club.

Speaking at the official handover, SPOL Marketing Manager, William Watepuru acknowledged that the company’s partnership with the Avaiki Rugby Club was established earlier through former management.

He said the first contract lapsed some years back and there was no renewal, until the new management of Avaiki Rugby Club through the Club’s President, Mr. William Sanga, approached them earlier this year to secure a new agreement for sponsorship.

 Watepuru highlighted that the reason to their positive response to this sponsorship application was because of the team management’s credibility as partners with SPOL.

“I see good management backing the team and that was what convinced SPOL to go into this new partnership deal to support the Avaiki Rugby Club,” he said.

He added that the arrival of the new uniforms paves the way for further discussion to take place with the team’s management on other areas in the sponsorship agreement.

“With the official handover now taking place, we will be able to talk over other areas where SPOL can help the Avaiki Rugby Club in the near future.”

Watepuru added that SPOL is very happy to be able to go into this new partnership agreement and looks forward to seeing the team launch the uniform in their final game for 2017 today.

In response, the Avaiki Rugby Club’s President, Sanga said on behalf of the Club Executive and players, it is a big honour and humbling moment for the club to receive recognition and support from a big company like SPOL .

Sanga thanked SPOL for the confidence they have in Avaiki Rugby Club and highlighted that since the team was formed back in 1975, the current team makes up the second generation from the founding days.

He said that the game of rugby is a passion for players of Renbel Province which helps to keep them busy from negative activities, and become good ambassadors through sports for our province and at national level.

Sanga highlighted that most players in the Avaiki Rugby Club have been national representatives over the years and this is their way of contributing back to the country through the sports they love.

“Having this partnership with SPOL is a big boost to the team and we are very excited and feel very privileged to be the selected team in Honiara for this sponsorship. “

Sanga stressed that the agreement sealed will be to deal directly with suppliers on any request put forward to SPOL.

“The uniforms are the first of other support to come including community service and we would like to express our deep gratitude to SPOL. No words can express how thankful we are because to have a big name like your company behind Avaiki is a big thing.”

 Sanga said that what the Avaiki Rugby Club will give in return is our performance and discipline in games as well as maintain a good image of SPOL in and outside of the field.

He added that the team has secured 7 championship titles for 2016 - 2017 and the team will work hard to continue to maintain the record to have “a big name that matches the level of SPOL”.

SPOL-Avaiki Rugby Team will showcase their new uniform in their final match as a team for 2017 at the Town Ground Stadium today, 4pm in the final round of the Taina Challenge.

- Avaiki Press