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Omokirio congratulates Ragomo

11 August 2017

The recent news of Elliot Ragomo has impressed all Solomon Islanders and many took their time to congratulate the Solomon Islands national futsal team captain.

Amongst the many who congratulated Elliot Ragomo is one of the founding fathers of futsal in Solomon Islands, Eddie Omokirio.

The futsal journey has started from a shared vision with Dural Baptist pastor Brian Codrington and Eddie Omokirio to create good sports men and women from Solomon Islands through futsal.

In an exclusive interview with Eddie Omokirio, he expressed that futsal is a shared vision and as well as congratulating Elliot Ragomo on his fine achievement, he also believes it is the time people should really take into consideration working together for a common goal.

“Elliot Ragomo is part of the shared vision we have for futsal. I never know when, how or where the vision will be fulfilled but now I am quite happy because, within my generation, I got the opportunity to witness the vision fulfilling through Elliot’s achievement,” Omokirio expressed.

The recent visit from the members of OFC and FIFA has also caught a lot of attention from people wondering what they were here for.

Omokirio who had the privilege to communicate with them has revealed some positive news for futsal.

“I was fortunate to be with them and communicating with them about football in general. However, with the timely achievement of Elliot, it was obvious, futsal was going to be part of the conversation.

“I have communicated all the documents and information to them and I am certain this is a true step towards building Solomon Islands first ever futsal stadium,” Omokirio said.

Solomon Islands national futsal team, the Kurukuru have been reigning champions of the Pacific for a lengthy period and have continued to prove themselves on the world stage.

Ragomo who is part of this amazing team has not only influenced Solomon Islands young futsal players but also the futsal players around the Pacific countries.

The upcoming generation of futsal players in the Solomon Islands is looking positive and therefore, Omokirio has stressed how this is a challenge for them as administrators to make sure that the future players are going on the right path.

“Elliot’s achievement is exceptional. And this also allows many young futsal players to be motivated therefore it is a challenge to create facilities and at the moment, all Solomon Islands futsal players play everywhere, between coconuts, between houses, between car parks and it is just part of the culture. Our challenge is to create a pathway for them to excel just like Ragomo”, said the determined Omokirio.

In his gratitude towards Ragomo, Omokirio simply congratulates Elliot Ragomo and pointed out that Elliot is part of the vision and his success is not only due to his own talent but because of the everyone who was part of futsal in the early days.

Elliot availed himself and dedicate himself to the game of futsal.

“Elliot is an individual who is passionate, dedicated and determined to succeed. From a little boy, I noticed that he was so interested to improve and impress. It's similar to a singer, you give him or her a mic, and she would fascinate the audience with his or her voice. Elliot is the same, give him the ball and he will dazzle us with his talent,” Omokirio said.

Today the game of futsal has definitely taken its toll on many followers in the Solomon Islands and every day, a futsal player dreams of becoming someone just like Elliot.

Omokirio also advised the upcoming futsal players and general sports men and women that to be successful, one must stay focus on one particular goal, have the willingness to learn, listen and submit and know when to say no and yes to instructions.

The Solomon Islands futsal achievement in recent years would not be possible without the people like Eddie Omokirio and Pastor Brian Codrington and others who worked voluntarily with the shared vision they have for the game of futsal.

Omokirio also thanked Juliano Antonio Schmeling for opening doors to Elliot's current achievement and with the enormous generous support from Yoshiyuki Sato as the sponsor.

 "We all played a role in futsal development. Many of us help started the game but many of the current coaches and players help sustain the game. Big thanks to former Kurukuru coach, Juliano and the awesome help from Yoshiyuki Sato," Omokirio concluded in his interview.

By Alex Waimora
Freelance writer
In Auckland,
New Zealand