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Marist and Sunrise 3x3 winners

14 August 2017
Action between Sunrise and El Divas on Sunday.

Marist men’s basketball and Sunrise women’s basketball teams are the winners of the first 3x3 basketball series.

Marist defeated Ebola boys 10-5 in the men’s final showdown at the Multipurpose Hall court.

For the women, Sunrise edged their way past a determined El Divas side to win the first series 8-6.

It was an equally fought match which saw both teams ended the 10 minutes of play with a tie 6-6 before Sunrise extended the lead to 8-6 in the extra time.

Organisers have congratulated the winners and are looking forward for the second series.

The second series is scheduled for this weekend.

Organisers said staging this competition meets the requirement by FIBA Oceania to make Solomon Islands eligible to take part in the 3x3 Basketball competition in the Pacific Games.