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Final futsal matches today

06 September 2017

The final matches of the Top Eight futsal challenge will be played at the Multipurpose Hall today.

Three final matches will be played to wrap up the two weeks of competition between eight strong futsal clubs in Honiara.

First up will see Ngu Brothers and Sokamora at 2pm followed by Marist and Indo -Solo and Sokamora will take on Kooline for the competition’s final match.

Marist are aiming to complete their undefeated run with a final win.

They lead with 18 points and have already secured the top spot of the competition.

Ngu Brothers and indo-solo are on 13 points each and it is a must win for both teams to determine who will settle on the third and second place.

The prize presentation will be hosted after the matches.

Matches will be awarded to the top three teams.