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Coach hails Fa’arodo

07 September 2017
SI National Team Coach Felipe Vega-Arango

The national team head coach Filipe Vega-Arango has credited his skipper Henry Fa’arodo for playing a wonderful role against the All Whites in the final leg of the OFC FIFA World Cup qualifiers, Tuesday.

“Henry played wonderful today,

 “He was the best player on the park today,” coach Felipe said after the match.

The Spaniard said the skipper really worked hard and did a fantastic job.

Apart from Henry the coach said the rest of the players were playing their hearts out which resulted to their 2-2 draw against the professional All Whites team.

“But this is our team effort, Henry without Haddis, without Nelson, Gagame, Atkin etc he cannot do that wonderful job and I will say everybody did a wonderful job.

Meanwhile, wounded locals fans and supporters were relieved about the final score when match referee blew the final whistle of the return match on Tuesday.