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Shaw out of SIFF

18 May 2014

Gov’t asked to bail out soccer

The national government has been asked to bail out Solomon Islands Football Association (SIFF) of its debts, whilst SIFF’s appointed normalising committee chairman, Ian Shaw was suspended.

Australian Shaw was appointed by OFC and FIFA to head SIFF office as interim executive when the local football federation ran into financial difficulties.

His suspension from office was said to be due to incompetence.

SIFF Chief Executive Officer Neil Poloso confirmed this to Sunday Sports.

“Yes, Shaw has been recalled by OFC due to underperformance in office,” he said.

There is still no replacement for the chairman’s position but the Permanent Secretary for Forestry, Barnabas Anga is stepping in as acting.

The local football federation has also reported to sought help from the national government to settle its debts.

This recent twist did not go down well with football fans and critics who viewed such arrangement inviting politics into the game.

 “SIFF did propose to the government to help settle its debts,” Poloso said.

He explained the proposal was done with approval of OFC, thus it is legitimate.

Poloso said SIFF see no reasons as to why the government shouldn’t help.

The CEO also denies claims this arrangement gave the government opportunity to attach politics in football, to have a government representative as chairman.

Critics on this arrangement have indicated opposition to this instead want a political free football.

“There is no such ideal behind the proposed arrangement and we are still waiting for the response,” said Poloso.

He explained SIFF’s situation is like other federations in the region facing similar circumstances and their government had stepped in to support.

There is nothing sinister about this arrangement as far as both parties are concern, he said.

Poloso added as much as the public want to revive football in the country, SIFF in its little capacity is trying all it can.

And we believe the government likewise have that same concern, he said.