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Rara out, Iroga in-charge

05 December 2017
Former NOCSI President, Martin Rara.

THE Athletics Solomon Federation has a new president, he is James Iroga.

Iroga replaced the former president Martin Rara who received his marching order because of poor leadership.

 A statement from Athletics Federation General Secretary Chris Walasi said the Executive Board acted according to the Federation’s constitution Rule 9 A and B.

“The Executive may expel from the Federation or otherwise punish or penalize any member whose conduct, in the opinion of the Executive is discreditable or injurious to the character    or interests of the Federation for such a period as of the Committee deems appropriate ,’’ end quote Rule 9a’

And 9b… “Before any member is expelled or otherwise punished or penalized his conduct shall be enquired into by the Executive and the Member  shall be given opportunity to defend himself or to justify or explain his conduct.

“Provided that a quorum is established and the majority of the opinion that a member has been guilty of such conduct or action as aforesaid, then the committee may expel or suspend him from membership or otherwise punish or penalize,” end quote.

The statement said the Executive Board together with their athletes signed a petition for Rara to step down because they no longer have trust and confidence in his leadership.

“This is after due process of notice and meeting have taken in the Athletics Solomon Federation and necessary communication also sent to both our Regional and International Athletics Federation offices,”  Walasi said.

He therefore said as of 18th of October 2017, Martin Rara was no longer the president of Athletics Solomon following call for him to step down.

He said, as such the new executive board members where elected last month to look after the affairs of the sports are as follows.

1.     James Iroga –President

2.     Robert Aaron – Vice President (Technical )

3.     Fox Henry Qwaina – Vice President (Administration )

4.     Chris Meke Walasi –General Secretary

5.     Donation Damikura - Treasurer

6.      Nelson Kabitana – Member

7.     Michael Kuali -  Member

8.     Den Dausabea – Member

9.     Reggie Hou – Member

Walasi said the new executive under the new president is confident to take the sport into a new height.

Meanwhile Rara the current president of the National Olympic Committee of Solomon Islands (NOCSI) has been reported to have  joined the National Volleyball Federation as one of their member a move to keep him in power as NOCSI president.

However the statement added this move does not go down well with sports leaders in the country who demanded Rara to step down from president’s position and allow someone with visionary mindset to lead the sport in the country.

The statement added his inclusion as member of the volleyball federation is illegal.

A number of presidents of national federations have also expressed discontent and called on the NOCSI president to voluntarily step down.

“The rational behind this – including Martin Rara in volleyball is to hold him back in NOCSI,” a reply to Rara’s new appointment said.

 “Now I know, all believe that NOCSI President Mr Martin Rara should be
out when Athletics Solomons ousted him from their federation.

“Let’s be professional here - Martin, I recommend you resign graciously,” one of the presidents said.

“Now all National Sports Federation will see our NOCSI as a dirty place to do politics.

“What volleyball has done was not right - the sports fraternity and our Oceania federations will need legal minutes of this inclusion of Martin to save him to stay in NOCSI.”

Rara could not be reached for comments.