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Seru praises junior futsal teams

12 January 2018
Pastor Nacanieli Seru.

President of the Solomon Islands Sports Coalition (SISC) Pastor Nacanieli Seru expressed his gratitude over the Junior Kurukurus performance in the Australian National Futsal Championships. 

“Thank you our Jnr National futsal teams 12s, 14s and 17s for representing Solomon Islands so well in this year’s Australian Futsal Nationals,’’ he said.

“The glory belongs to the one who has been with us all throughout last year during SALT school visitation, running of the Bulk Shop League and your preparation even to the provision of your airfares and all logistics.

“A big thank you to the Ministry of home affairs for the airfares and a huge thank you to the SIFF president and CEO for providing all the logistics for our children this year.’’

“Thank you for partnering and believing in the work of the Church through SISC/SALT to develop and nurture God given abilities in Solomon Children that will help them and the Nation to Excell in the game of Futsal in the Oceania and World standard.’’

He also acknowledge and thank Pastor Brian and his family in  Australian as well as Dural Youths for  providing all the support the team needs by being with our Jnr teams in Canberra.

 He insisted it’s not about winning or losing though he  understand that we all want to win but it’s about seeing children in the eyes of God being able to see their strength, skills, potential and abilities and supporting them so they can become the leader that God wants them to be.

“To all supporters we value all your support, and your positive comments to the team and together we continue to give our full support to these Jnr Kurukurus,’’ he added.