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‘My boys have improved’

17 January 2018
Renbel Province U16 team coach William Tino.

Football has always circulated well amongst the Solomon Island provinces but the development of the game in the Renbel Province has always been indelible.

The recent Solomon Cup and the current Youth Solomon Cup has definitely been a platform for Renbel Province football to shine as players from the remote Province continued to improve in the game.

In an interview with the current U16 head coach for Renbel Province team William Tino, the passionate former Renbel football representative and proud Renbel Province coach expressed how football is growing in the Province and his personal encouragement for many young upcoming Polynesian youths who aspire to become top footballers in the future.

What do you think of the level of football displayed by your current U16 team in the tournament?

This current tournament has definitely been a stepping stone for us. I think my boys improved a lot. I myself, I am quite proud of what my young boys displayed. Ball handling is one poor attributes for many Renbel players but these players learn from us and improved quite immaculately. The other obstacle usually faced by our players is the positioning side of the game. However, the little time frame we have with the team, the players learn and I believe my boys improved a lot.

How effective was the visit from our Football Technical Director, Felipe Vega-Arango and Henry Fa'arodo Jnr to Renbel last year?

Honestly, their visit alone made football alive in our Province. Their visit has steered more life in this game of football back at home and now in the evenings, many people especially kids flooded the fields just to have a kick around. We really thankful towards SIFF for sending the technical director and our football legend, Henry Fa'arodo Jnr to our shores. I can say that football indeed is growing.

What motivated you as a coach in the game of football coming from a Province slowly growing in football?

Our province has always been categorised as a rugby province. However, I am not a rugby fan but a true passionate football fan. I am obsessed with this game in a good way and I self taught myself to do coaching. I always like football and I spend time on the internet to watch football matches and match analysis by top football analysers. I'm also looking forward to getting more proper qualification in the coaching department too.

Finally, what would be your encouragement for upcoming youths aspiring to be top footballers from Renbel Province?

In regards to which sport has more benefit and more international recognition for our country, I believe football or soccer as we call it is the best sport. I know we're always been referred to as rugby players but I encourage more Renbel Province youths to take up football. This game in the modern world has more benefits compared to rugby and I think there is potential in our players. However, to be somewhere simply means to be dedicated, motivated and stay in good discipline.

By Alex Waimora