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22 January 2018

The number of women taking up archery sport has increased.

This was according to the president of Solomon Islands Archery, Nihal Seneviratne

Seneviratne said this promotes gender balance in sports, a must in every sport.

“The number of females attending archery training has now increased.

“When archery was revived the number was around six now it has increased.

“This shows that there are many females who are interested in archery and sports out there.

“This promotes gender balance in sport as well.

“Promoting gender balance is a must in every sport and it’s good to see it in archery, a newly revived sport,” he said.

He added the number of new interested people who wants to play archery has also increased and it is obvious by the huge turn out during the Saturday trainings at the Rove Police field.

Seneviratne encouraged more females to come out and be part of sports in the country.

Training started a few weekends ago and every training session has seen an increased number of interested new players.



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